Understanding Code-Injection

  • Author: Khang Cung
  • Level: Intermediate
  •  Study time: 30 minutes
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Course overview
This course explains the different types of code injections, how they are implemented, their consequences and how to prevent such an attack from occurring.


This course has no prerequisites.

What's included?

  • 4 Chapters
  • 8 Questions
  • 16 E-Books

The more you know

You will learn about the common attacks used on websites and methods to prevent this from happening to you.

Khang Cung

Cybersecurity Intern
Khang started his work journey in 2023 as an intern. He is passionately engaged and, as the youngest member of the SECURNITE team, is motivated to continually seek opportunities for self-improvement and contribute fresh perspectives to the company's Cybersecurity endeavors.